Quiero ser arquitecto

This book or ar least the text I read gives a very good vision of what about architecture and being an architect is.I wish I could read it before, when my ideas about studying this career weren´t as clear as actually.

In reckon this book is made for people who understand what Alberto wants to transmit in it, if my father, as lawyer read it he wouldn´t feel the same as me because it´s made for people that share feelings for the architecture and everything that this engloves.

Anyway, not only architects should read it, every child or adult that is interested in architecture must read the text to know that this job is not just based in desgining buildngs, it also make you reflect on the structure and why it is like that, how to take the appropiate perspective form wich you should take a photo, to read and study other architects to improve your techniques and others discplines named at the text.

In conclusion, the book seemed to me very interesting because it gave me a very big perspective of architecture as a career, as a job and almost as a lifestyle, Alberto collects in it all the elements that an architect need to know from the perspective of a professional as him and in a very pleasant way.