PA 2- Opinions

Rafael Guastavino, the valencian who built New York

Rafael Guastavino Moreno was born in March 1 in 1842. Rafael  was a Spanish building engineer and builder who immigrated to the United States in 1881, his career for the next three decades was based in New Yor City.

Based on the Catalan Vault, he created the Gustavino Tile, a «Tile Arch System», patented in the United States in 1885, which was used for constructing robust, self-supporting arches and architectural vault using interlocking terracotta files and layers of mortar. His work appears in numerous prominent projects designed by major architectural firms in New York and other cities of the Northeast.

As it seems to me, Rafael plasmed his own style based on the Spanish and Catan architecture on his New York proyects in an utterly creative way highlithing the catalan Vault and the use of mixing materials. I value the alternative style Rafael had wich did not follow the typical structure that the rest of the architects from the XIX century at New York had.