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El Tossalet, Javea

El Tossalet is an urbanization located in Javea, a village at the province of Alicante.

These houses began to be build in 60’s on the hilside of Cap Martí and the group of valencian architectures that designed it were watching for a classic mediterranean architectonic style with the stone of tosca as a fundamental element.

From its preciate ubication you can appreciate the hole «Bahia de Javea» that goes from the Cap de San Antoni to the Cap Martí.

Questions about El Tossalet:

  1. Why did you choose this place? Because this urbanization is a place that transmits very good vibes, where you are surrounded by nature and its kind of architecture has always called my attention.
  2. What makes you comfortable? The hole enviroment there makes me feel comfortable, apart from the noises of nature or the views of the sea what specially makes me comfortable is the fact that when I’m there it’s usually on hollidays spending a great time with my friends.
  3. There is some disruptive element? The use of Tosca is the element that characterizes this architectonic style but the elements that, in my opinion give so much beauty to the terraces of these buildings are the archs of Tosca. This Tosca is a kind of stone often used in construction at Javea and it was extracted from the rock beaches.
  4. Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now? I think that there are other places where I can be as relaxed as there but there is no place that reunites the nature, the beaty of buildings and the moments lived there.
  5. Do you think that the conditions of this space influence it’s occupants? How? I have many friends and familiars that have lived there who are looking for those conditions. The want to wind down from the city stress and El Tossalet gives them a place where they can do it thanks to all the facts that I have previously metioned
El Tossalet inauguration at Nodo

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